Friday, April 18, 2014


The results of my MRI are in. Here are the doctors notes:

Diagnosis: Quadricep Muscle Tear
Treatment: Cessation or decreased running x8 weeks. Stretching, leg press, squats, leg extensions. Biking or elliptical. Naproxen/500mg bid.

Did you read 8 weeks? I swear that said 8, and it couldn't have been 8.  I know it also said decreased running, but it's already pretty darn decreased to 15 to 20 miles a week, so that's not the answer.

No surgery, it will repair itself, and I'm still blessed. Not in a cast and I can cross-train. I'm just a moron for not taking 8 weeks off during this nasty winter, instead of waiting until a gorgeous spring. 

What the results tell me are three things. Most runners know their body pretty well. I had been telling doctors it was a muscle issue, not a tendon or knee issue, but the tendons and knee seem to be what doctors focused on. And the treatment that I had planned back in November, (as I wrote in my last post), of time off running, cross-training, and then a return to light running, was right on.

The second thing it tells me is that I'm an impatient baby and that my time frame for this was not long enough. I certainly never gave it 8 weeks. As for time off now,  I'm still in the deliberation stage, but I've told myself 4 weeks off, then 2 weeks at 5 miles a week, and then 2 weeks at 10 miles a week, and then 8 weeks will be up and I will increase from there. This still fits doctor's orders of decreased running, but I don't know if I should trust myself since it was my best thinking that got me here.

Third thing it tells me is that I ran 3 marathons on a quadricep muscle tear. 

I have two half-marathons to run in 2014 for Runwell, or better yet, a full marathon with a long rest in the middle, and I still will do so, but I am going to pull out of the Dexter Ann Arbor on June 1st, and do Woodstock in September and then Detroit in October.

My last words for the doctor was that the sign up for the Disney Marathon for January 2015 was in five days. My whole family is excited to go to this signature event.  "Sign up!" he said, "even if you're not running until June, that gives you plenty of time."  

Those words I heard loud and clear and there will be no wavering.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Veruca Salt and MRIs

Oh, to have young legs again. I would pay 20 grand to have legs of a 20 year old. As long as I could do a payment plan, I would be all in. Probably 25 grand. 30 grand? okay, I'm in for 30. So when a doctor suggests I should get an MRI that will cost me $200 out of pocket, I eventually jumped all over it because damn it, I want some healthier legs....

The problem is that an evil mass of gook from hades has lived in my quad, off and on, for nearly two years. It lives on despite 4 different rest periods ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. After I ran the New York City Marathon in November of 2013, I took 6 weeks of rest, followed by light running, cross-training, more stretching, and weights. Sounded liked a good plan, what can go wrong?

Well, the evil mass of gook returned, and my latest of 3 doctors I have seen is an orthopedic surgeon from the Core institute and a doctor for the Detroit Pistons. (Oh, that's cool, he's important!) (Wait, they're in last place). A nice shot of cortisone chased the evil away, but like most evil things, it wasn't really dead, and it has returned for yet another sequel. Next up was the MRI

The morning of the MRI, I ran a bit harder than I have been. I thought "dammit, I want the evil gook to show itself". I did 8 miles, the longest of my long runs these days, in an hour and 3 minutes on a perfect spring day sporting my Runwell gear. It was wonderful, and as I write this, the evil gook smolders.

They do MRI's on Saturday nights at 8 pm I found out. And the MRI machines even have name brands written in big letters for you to see. Mine was a Toshiba. I imagined walking through Best Buy looking at a Samsung and Sony MRI machine, but then seeing the LG MRI machines at half the cost. I'm now a big Toshiba fan.

I found the MRI experience incredibly relaxing once I got used to the crazy-ass noises it makes, like it is about to malfunction and squeeze me to death. After the nurses told me not to move, put headphones over my ears, and there were no kids or new puppy to deal with, I was good. I could have stayed another hour. Now I wait.

I feel fortunate to be able to run. The injury is low grade, but chronic, and only hampers me from running fast and far.  I'm not fully grounded, and I am still planning on doing two half marathons for Runwell this year.   ("Don't care how, I want it know").

 April 22nd is the sign up for the Disney World Marathon, and my family is hoping to go. There's got to be a Toshiba machine out there that can fix me.
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